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Why are grapes so expensive

October 4, 2011

Last weekend there was an article in the Fresno Bee by Robert Rodriguez titled Days of Wine & Raisins that talked about the increased demand on wine and raisin grapes this year.  Weather which affects the overall crop production usually has the ultimate say so when it comes to supply and demand in Ag.

In the past the market for grapes has been poor due too over planting, mother nature or lack of labor, and as a result more growers have pulled out these grapes and planted other commodities which has left a void that so many have come to depend on.  However this season with the limited availability some grape growers are actually going to do OK this year.

So with that, lets do our best to enjoy California Grapes either Fermented or Fresh as they can put a smile on your face.


Hello world!

September 19, 2011
Hi all, my name is Ray Garcia and I am a grower, packer and shipper of California fresh table grapes.  This season our grapes will be available to our customers direct from the farm insuring the most competitive price.
Information about our grapes as well as the grapes of our competitors will be posted in order for your customers to make the most informed decisions when buying.  As we are based in California’s San Joaquin Valley we will have the most up to date information posted weekly for your reference.
In addition to our products we also market products from other suppliers which allows us to supply multiple grape varieties for your fall purchases. 
Prices will be quoted both FOB port Long Beach, California or CNF delivered to the port of your destination.  Payment terms will be discussed on a individual bases.                                                                                                                                     
As the blog information is updated weekly your customers may have questions that need an immediate response, for that I can be reached directly by e-mail at or by phone at +1 (661) 201-7744, for customers calling from oversees you can SKYPE me at garcia.ray