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December 10, 2011


Hi all here is a link to a great segment

December 5, 2011

Hi all here is a link to a great segment, for all you twitter followers out there #bus131.

Holiday Treats

November 22, 2011


As we approach the holiday season there are so many wonderful tasty treats we can add to our kitchen table without feeling guilty.  One of these is the Holiday variety red seedless grapes.  These are wonderful no-guilt treats that have amazing flavor.  This Holiday variety grape is grown here in California’s San Joaquin Valley and is only available for a limited time during the months of October, November & December.

In addition to the Holiday variety red seedless grapes feel free to try other fresh season no-guilt California Grapes like the green seedless Pristines or the large red seeded red globes for a more traditional flavor.  You are welcome to visit my blog website at to get a full picture of what our vineyard currently has available.

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November 17, 2011

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November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011
California grapes coming to an end, contact me. #bus131

California fall season grapes coming to a quick end

November 10, 2011

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This years unusual weather has delayed the grape harvest and caused some quality issues that are now starting to show.  As a result of the weather we have seen increased prices and lower availability on premium quality export shipments from California.

This time of year tends to get a little tricky as the quality in the late season fruit tends to be questionable and most buyers switch to Southern Hemisphere supplies from Chile, Peru & Brazil.
Prices on red seeded grapes are higher than normal due to limited availability.  Red seedless varieties however are more competitive due to larger volume.   Green seedless grapes have remained expensive throughout the season and will remain high priced until the Chilean arrivals start increasing around the first and second weeks of February.